Work and live in


    So what happens after graduation?

    Stay in USA!

    After living so many unforgettable experiences as a student-athlete and having graduated college, you now think: and now what?. You might have doubts as you'd love to continue your dream of living, working and playing your sport in the US but you don't have a plan or know what to do.

    We want to help you keep on following your dreams, now as a professional. We design a plan that provides you with the opportunity to stay in USA, work at athletic centers and housing in the best location of the country. You will also have a mentor to guide you through this process.

    We know it...,

    ...we've been there!

    Graduation day is right around the corner. All that work and hours put into maintaining you scholarship and performing as a real student-athlete are paying off. You are finally going to graduate but also begin to wonder: what's next? You realize that it's the end of a huge chapter of your life and a brand new chapter begins with a lot of blank pages on it. Once again, you experience excitement and doubts simultaneously. Where should I go after graduation? You immediately think that you'll need to go back home although you wish you could stay in USA longer. You wish you could still develop your skills as a professional in your field of study or within your sport but you don't have a tutor anymore to plan your schedule for you, or tell you what to do and where to go. In OLAINTER Sports & Experiences, we offer plans for you to stay in the US after graduation living, working and playing your sport. These plans are based on our experience with other athletes and we personalized them based on your needs and goals. You will opt to have an experienced mentor that will share all their knowledge and insights with you to help you adjust and meet your goals more efficiently.

    We know the path to your dreams!

    We find you a job in an athletic center

    Continue enjoying your sport, now also as coach.

    We guide you

    A mentor will be by your side to smooth the process

    We find housing

    We take care of finding you the best place to live

    We give you all the details on our next


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