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    In OLAINTER Sports & Experiences, we offer athletes personalized plans for them to play their sport, study, work and live outside their home country in Spain and the US. This type of experience will result in a competitive advantage for athletes in their sports, academics and personal careers. In OLAINTER Sports & Experiences we have the professional and personal knowledge to define and provide the best international experiences for athletes based on their goals. These experiences, along with coaching and mentoring plans will ensure that our athletes enjoy and take full advantage of their time abroad. We'll walk the walk with you!

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to assist and facilitate athletes international experiences for them to have a future with more and better opportunities in sports, academics and their professional careers. Tell us your needs, and we'll develop the best plan for you. 

    We guarantee choosing the best international experience for you based on YOUR GOALS
    We get you ready for your international experience through our mentoring and coaching techniques
    We accompany you on your professional and personal growth path

    Why Us?

    There comes a moment in life when all young athletes and their families begin to wonder what the future holds. Athletes between ages 13 to 17 begin to question whether they'll be able to handle sports and academics at a competitive level. On the other hand, more and more coaches wish they could live an experience in another country developing and sharing their skills in first-rate athletic centers. We are continuously in contact with athletes, families, coaches, centers and colleges; this allowes us to have firsthand knowledge of how to assist you and plan your international experience.

    Guillermo Corrochano




    Along with his daugther Carla, he's followed very closely her career in sports and professional experience in the US. He often assists other parents on how to improve their children's future by choosing the right international experiences for them. Guillermo holds the title of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) assigned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He has more than 25 years of experience in the business world and over 10 years of experience as a performance coach for several soccer teams, many athletes and their families, and sports organizations that pursue international initiatives. Along with Carla, he is co-founder and CEO of OLAINTER Sports & Experiences.


    Carla graduated "Summa Cum Laude" with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. She performed as Top 1 player of the Slippery Rock University Tennis Team currently playing in the NCAA Division II. Her college hightlighst include seven-time PSAC Honoree and six-time scholar-athlete recipient. She's been living in the US since 2014 and in May 2018 she moved to New York City. She has experience as tennis coach and as project coordinator in both business and sports. She also assists athletes who want to live international experiences. She's co-founder and Marketing Director of OLAINTER Sports & Experiences.

    Our Mission

    Carla and Guillermo are the founders of OLAINTER Sports & Experiences. Their passion for sports and professional and personal experience resulted in the formation of this project. Our mission is to help athletes make their dreams become a reality by allowing them to play their sport, work, study and live abroad in the US and Spain. Thanks to these international experiences, you'll achieve your academic, personal and sports goals in order to have a future with broader opportunities.

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