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    Do you want to study a college degree and play your sport at the highest level?

    Attend college in USA!

    As an athlete you must be wondering whether you'll be able to continue playing your sport while studying a degree. Your parents would love to see you succeed by combining academics and sports.

    We want to make your dreams come true and help you land a college degree while playing your sport in the best environment; surrounded by the best professionals, students and athletes from all over the world. We will prepare you and assure to find the best scholarship for you to attend school in USA.

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    The moment comes when athletes and their families begin to discuss college and the young athletes' future. Immediately, a question comes up to mind: what about my sport? The idea of going to school and continue playing a sport turns into an issue when looking at Spain's education system. There are not many options where someone could keep up with their sport while earning a degree if the athlete decides to stay in Spain. Therefore, the solution is to think international, working towards getting a scholarship and finally going to school in USA. The idea sounds very exciting to athletes and their families; however do you know what else the athlete begins to feel? pressure and stress. Athletes need to reach certain results on their SATs and perform at 100% in tournaments. Not only that, they will also be living far away from home and for many young athletes this is unknown territory. An idea that first caused excitement, is now causing a certain level of concern both for athletes and their families. In OLAINTER Sports & Experiences we believe in using coaching and mentoring techniques to prepare athletes throughout the entire process of aquiring a scholarship. Thanks to our methods, athletes will be able to face all challenges related to academics and sports. At the same time, we will also manage the best scholarship for you to combine your sport and academics at an American university.

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