Do you want to talk to someone who

    has already lived the same experience

    that you're about to live?

    We know the path to your dreams!

    OLAINTER Sports & Experiences is made of a team of professionals who have already lived sports, college,  professional and international experiences; they all have been through good and tough times that made them grow and learn what is the best path for athletes and their families to follow in order to secure a great future with exceptional opportunities.

    we are your mentors

    We share our knowledge and experience of all services that we offer throughout mentoring sessions. That way, we make sure that our athletes take full advantage of these experiences as well as providing their families with the necessary confidence when their children leave to start this journey. Our mentoring sessions consist on helping, teaching, advising and guiding athletes on their personal, academic, athletic and professional growth paths. The purpose of our mentoring sessions is to reassure the athlete receives a personalized plan that based on their goals will encourage them to fully live their international experience.

    We know it...,

    we've been there!

    We give you all the details on our next


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